3 Excellent Ideas for Comfy Self Care

In this day and age, we’re all guilty of not stopping to take care of ourselves enough. Each day is like a race to the finish line instead of a healthy little jog down a scenic trail where you can stop to smell the flowers. 


Self-care has fallen to the back of our minds while we exert ourselves in the interest of our goals. 


Fear not, though, dear reader! This article is focused on all things self-care and will give you some excellent ideas for comfy self-care that you can practice from your own home. 




#1: Take a Bubble Bath

One of the most common self-care methods, bubble baths, have been proven to lower our cortisone (stress) levels and release tons of happy chemicals into our brains. If you’re someone with a lot of muscle or body aches, this method of self-care is also perfect for you. In combination with Epsom salts, hot bubble baths work perfectly for soothing those inflamed joints. 


What’s even better is that you can customize your bubble bath any way you see fit. 


Want something fancy? Try adding one of our organic bath bombs prepacked with essential ingredients for relaxation, rest, and recovery. 


Need something ASAP? No worries, work with what you have. Shampoo, camomile tea, and honey can work wonders in the water! 


Want to take it up to the next level? Grab one of our favorite non-toxic, hand-painted candles and go all out.


The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to spend some quality time with yourself! 



#2: Journal or Meditate

One of the best methods of self-care we can partake in is the act of reflection and deep thought. Writing gives you have the opportunity to sit and release all of those worries out instead of bottling them up and shoving them down. 


You can do them as often or as scarcely as you’d like, as well as add other fun aspects to them if you want—for example, meditation in conjunction with yoga. A winning team! If you’re journaling and don’t know what to write, you can use some shadow prompts to get started. 


Whatever you choose to do, this method is all about release. Let it out and let those worries go. 



#3: Put on Some Comfy Clothes - whatever that looks like for you!

Many days, nothing feels better than allowing ourselves to put on the comfiest clothes in our closets and lounge around the rest of the day. Comfy clothes give you a certain degree of freedom, almost like a permission slip to do whatever you want. Comfy means different things for different people. 


If you don’t already have comfy clothes at your disposal, we highly recommend checking out our comfort collection. Here, you can find clothes you love and feel great knowing that a part of the proceeds will go directly to helping local communities. 

So what are you waiting for?!


Get comfy!

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