Starting Untold

Untold was started as an Instagram account today we are a marketplace for comfort. We have everything from fair trade fashion to vegan bath bombs.

We believe that feeling safe and relaxed isn't just a pleasure but an action of rebellion.

Every four months we choose a different not-for-profit to sponsor. We maintain that 10% of all profits go directly to donations. Want the receipts? No worries! We post them on our Instagram stories at the end of every cycle.


but the world is burning?

To combat our impact we partner with Pachama to offset double our energy emissions. We also priorities products with compostable packaging and zero waste designs.

Additionally, we aim to take the most sustainable transport route (sometimes this means your goodies might be a day behind or arrive in separate packages).

Cosy essentials

Because we all have the right to feel cosy, safe and comfy.